I am a video game sound designer with a colourful background that includes audio engineering, dialogue editing, voice acting, radio, classical piano, DJ’ing and music production.

My interest in sound design was sparked in the late 90’s, when mixing ambient music for radio and events in Victoria, BC. This launched my journey into audio engineering at the Harris Institute for the Arts in Toronto, after which I began to develop my skills working in audio post, dialogue editing, and music production.

I was drawn to game audio by games like Riven and Myst. Later, when I started training in martial arts, I was inspired by games like Street Fighter and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. So in 2019 I decided to build on my skills and began taking courses with the School of Video Game Audio. During this time I worked for EA Games on NHL22 as an Audio Artist in speech, and then for Lotus Audio on Eco as a Voice Actor.

For many years, regardless of the industry I was in, I was always working with or studying sound in some form. I believe the auditory experience breathes life into the visual. My aim is to honour this and apply myself to projects that inspire, educate, and offer thought-provoking material in a playful space.

- Sabrina Foldi (nee Dzugalo)